We want you to know our deep, dark secrets about advertising. That's why were posting them right here to this blog. Yes, they won’t be secrets anymore, but that's the point. We want to share our knowledge, insight and news with the world. Information is free.

Think of this as less "Dear Diary" and more as Omni’s personal tidbits about marketing.

Miscellaneous blog entries

FAU Launches ‘Salute the Hoot’ Campaign

FAU Salute The Hoot

Campaign Capitalizes on Student Hand Signal

Car Race of the Week

Here is a video of an amazing drag race between eleven or the hottest, fastest cars on the market. Who will win? Watch and learn.

Omni heads up FAU Stadium Campaign

Omni Advertising is heading up the new FAU Stadium advertising campaign designed to encourage philanthropy, sponsorship and ticket sales. The ads will feature the slogan, "Get Ready, Here We Come," which will use a modified version of the Temptations' tune. launched

The new website was launched this week. The site was designed by Omni designer Dan Maxwell and converted over to a flash/html hybrid web site by web designer Barry Pavel.

The website will be tied into the latest advertising campaigns for Jay Automall in Columbus, Georgia.

What Makes Social Media Trustworthy?

One thing that makes social media marketing powerful is consumers’ trust in “people like them”—their friends, family and other online peers. Marketers want to tap into that trust through the power of earned media or by engaging in a conversation with consumers, but where social conversations take place has an effect on their perceived trustworthiness as well as who is taking part in them.

The Celsius Ultimate Workout Challenge

Win great prizes from Celsius!

* Fly to LA and meet Mario Lopez and go backstage on the set of ‘Extra’ – Trip for 2 – Grand prize.
* In-home gyms or $600 cash towards a gym membership – for 3 Runner ups
* Celsius product for a year – Must be a trainer or gym manager/owner for a year – 8 Weekly prizes

And every day for 8 weeks they are giving out prizes of:

* Celsius Variety Packs – 12 ct
* On the Go Stick Packets – Berry Flavored
* Cooler Bags

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