We want you to know our deep, dark secrets about advertising. That's why were posting them right here to this blog. Yes, they won’t be secrets anymore, but that's the point. We want to share our knowledge, insight and news with the world. Information is free.

Think of this as less "Dear Diary" and more as Omni’s personal tidbits about marketing.

The Art of Science

As an artist i find bit of creativity in alot of things. One of those things that gives me artistic inspiration is my pasion for science. I have always loved Nova & now Discovery Channel related topics... I found this exhibition hosted by Princeton University called " Art of Science". Last years theme was "found art". The main thing i want to share with you is that  "These extraordinary images are not art for art’s sake.

January 2010 Omni News

Omni’s arsenal of kick ass auto marketers just got more lethal. We recently snagged two of the most dangerous dudes in automotive advertising this side of the western hemisphere and we’re about to unleash them as members of our Honda team.

The New Digital Decade

From Advertising Age, here's a look at a handful of statistics that show how digital technology has become a huge presence in American households in the last decade -- and how we can make use of this shift in our marketing efforts.

Electric Car to Be Here in 2010?

According to Autoweek and a few other sites Nissan is moving full speed ahead with plans to introduce a pure electric car in 2010 for fleet customers in Japan and the United States. The Vehicle from Nissan is touring the USA. It is called the "LEAF Zero Emission Tour" and is expected to be on display in Las Vegas tomorrow through January 6th 2010. For Floridians it will be in Orlando from January 31 - February 2, 2010.