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Ron Palillo Teaching at G-STAR School

Ron Palillo is now teaching high school at the G-STAR school. Palillo, most probably remembered as Horshack in the ’70’s sitcom Welcome Back, Kotter, has accepted a teaching position at the charter school in Palm Beach County.

Cash For Clunkers Sites Successful For Clients

It’s official. The Cash for Clunkers program will end this weekend. When the program started last month we here at Omni were tasked with creating some micro sites for some of our clients. As the first site was posted we already knew that the Cash for Clunkers program was going strong. We had no idea of what would happen in the next few weeks. As we finished the final sites, the first announcement that the program was running out of cash was announced. Then the extra $2B was put into the program, supposedly to keep it afloat for the rest of the year.